Hello, I'm J. Desiree!

J. Desiree Rodriguez is a wife, mother, educator, entrepreneur, and community enthusiast. Trying only but to succeed, at the age of 17, Desiree wrote her first poetry book, Eyes of Mine. Eyes of Mine is a collection of poems from the years of middle school to high school.

Desiree’s career began in the classroom as a substitute teacher. She worked at a Title 1 school, where she connected with students from all walks of life. At the age of 22, Desiree founded, Always a Lady First. Always a Lady First, is a nonprofit mentorship program, that teaches young girls skills they do not learn in the classroom.

It has been nine years since Desiree has picked up a pencil and put together words for the world to read. In the Autobiography, Sunshine, shares Desiree’s personal experience before, during, and after pregnancy. Desiree wants to help other women by sharing her story.